We were in need of a cute classroom pet. I had been searching for awhile and really tried to rescue a bunny rabbit in need. That plan however, did not materialize and in December our classroom still had an empty cage. Then, one weekend I went to Zany Zoo Pet Store, not really thinking I was going to get a bunny rabbit there. When I walked in I saw five bunnies. As I walked over to the rabbits, four hopped away and the black little bunny hopped to me. I picked him up and said, "You are going to be adopted!" He licked me. It wasn't until I brought him home that I noticed the big sore on his left ear. It didn't seem to bother him. It was on the ear that was down. I think his so called friends bit him. I called the pet store and they said, bunnies often play too rough with each other. Well, his days of being picked on were over now. He was welcomed with open arms into the classroom. After three weeks his name was finalized...Owen Mocha Chip Flop Ear Williams. A very little bunny with a very big name. It must be said though, he has found a spot in our hearts!