Parachute Volleyball
Setup and Equipment:
  • Parachute
  • 15-20 beachballs or soft foam balls
  • 1/3 of students hold the parachute
  • 2/3 of the class spread out in general space around the parachute.
Rules :
  • The class is divided into 3 teams
  • All students hold on to the parachute, alternating order so that no player from a team is next to another player from the same team
  • Two teams then let go of the parachute and take 2-5 steps back away from the parachute so that one team is holding the parachute with the balls on the parachute when the game begins
  • When the music starts, the team holding the parachute begins to shake the parachute to get the balls on the floor.
  • The other two teams use the bump or set pass to hit the balls back on the parachute.
  • If a ball touches the floor the team holding the parachute gets a point. If a ball touches the floor it remains there.
  • Teams rotate after a minute or so.