Visual Design

Final Project

Say something

Art is personal. Art is expressive. Art is creative. Art can say something! This is your final project and it's all about making art that is personal to you. Tell a story. Use symbolism. Express emotion. Make a statement. Create a metaphor. Support something. Protest something.

It is about as wide open as an art project can possibly be within the context of this class. You are tasked with planning and creating your own final project that says something of substance.

What Are You Going To Do?
• give a clear description of what your artwork will say
• do full page sketch of your plan
• get approval prior to the end of class on February 27th - without this first step you will be working on the pass option project

Do It
• the project needs to be a creative and unique piece of art - there is a difference between being inspired by someone else's art and copying it
• your project must justify 6 full class periods worth of time and high school effort
• the size of the project should be consistent with the projects that we've done for the previous units - the size needs to be "doable" within our 6 period time frame
• you should primarily use the supplies, equipment and techniques that we've used during the term - demonstrate craftsmanship, neatness, and proper use of materials and tools• if you want to use alternative supplies then you need to supply them yourself
• "A" grade is only possible with approved plan/sketch

Tell Me About What You Did
• clearly describe what your artwork says
• highlight & describe the elements and principles that you used
• include an honest critique of your work
• type it - NOT GRADED if not typed & printed
• perfect spelling & grammar - no excuses in today's day and age - can't earn an "A" grade if it spelling and grammar aren't checked
• formatting (name, period, class, etc.)
• "A" grade is only possible with approved plan/sketch

Don't have much gas left in the tank?
• See the instructor if you are interested in less challenging B or C grade options.