Graphic Design 3

Personal Logo Design

Use Illustrator to design a logo for yourself.

The logo doesn't need to contain imagery, however it is OK as long as it is not a photo and it is designed using Illustrator. Your name must be the focal point of the design.



Create a "personal logo" folder. Save all files into this folder.

The logo will use these specifications:
principles: simple, easy to read, compact, modified, avoid cheesy stunts, reflect your personality
color: 2- 3 colors - CMYK and RGB recipies - b/w version
subject: your name must be the focal point of the logo design, other words are secondary
proportion: this is up to you - vertical, horizontal, square

You can modify your personal logo from GD2A if you'd like, but do some substantial changes.


1. Research

Reseach 12 personal logos that you like. Download them and present the neatly on an Illustrator file.

Inlude your name & period as well as the class information. Click icon to see large image.


2. Logo Design

Create a new Illustrator file. Set color mode to "CMYK" to begin with.

Begin by designing in black & white. Display black & white and color versions. The color logo will contain 2 or 3 colors.

Indicate both CMYK and RGB color recipies.

Click icon to see large image.