Graphic Design 3

Logo & Package Label Design

2013 - We were hired by a small start-up pickling company to design a logo, jar labels and a business card. We took on the project as a group and we followed the design process from concept through final production.

Ozzy's Pickling Company is a retirement project for one of our teachers. She wanted to get a jump on turning her hobby into a small business after she retires. We worked directly with our client to produce a logo, business card and 2 separate labels.


Logo Design

Our client wanted "whimsy" without looking childish.



Label Design

Our goal was to maintain design consistency between two separate product labels...without simply repeating the exact same design. We chose to distinguish the labels by using choosing a color scheme which allowed us to add a bit of variety while still maintaining consistency.

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Business Card Design

Again, we wanted to maintain design consistency without simply repeating the same design over and over. We achieved this on the business card by playing off of the unique shapes which are found on the logo.