Graphic Design 3

School Rebranding

2014 - We looked around our own campus and were able to count 9 separate and different images that were being used to represent Churchill High School. This is confusing and disconnected. So, we decided to take on the challenge of rebranding our own school beginning with a new and versitiel logo.

A small group of 5 advanced graphic designers spent the entire trimester working together to go through the design process: research> brainstorming> thumbnail sketches> narrowing & refining> critique> sketching again> more critique> digital roughs> more refining> mock ups> more narrowing> final designs.

The students presented their mock ups to the entire staff and invited staff to offer their opinions via an online survey. Those who chose to respond were overwhelmingly positive.

A school rebrand is expensive, so at this point, if the school decides that they want to follow through, then we're ready to go!

Here is a link to the finished style guide.



Logo Design

We wanted a logo that would clearly show strength, academic integrity and pride.

Mock Ups

We modified the final logo to work with a multitude of "deliverables."