Graphic Design 2B

Text & Filters

Design words so that they look like what they are saying. This project will introduce Photoshop's cabability to work with text. You will rely heavily on filters and layer styles. Additionally, your illustrations should show off the skills you've learned so far (layers, masking, selections, etc.)

DUDE! The overall goal is to build word illustrations using filter upon filter, layer style upon layer style, layer upon layer, technique upon technique. Combine techniques.

For at least one of your illustrations, begin in Illustrator by altering the physical structure of the illustration.

Backgrounds should be a solid color because the idea is to design the word, not the background. Anything you can do to a rectangle you can do to a word.

Limit usage of photographic imagery (internet photos). 90% of the project should be filters.

Create 3 different word illustrations

Files Download files
Preparation create: Photoshop files (.psd) using the following specifications
width: 7.5 inches
height: 3 inches
resolution: 250ppi
Word Choice Choose 3 words from this list. If you have an idea for a word that is not on the list then run it by Mr. Eagen first.
Text Tool tutorial
Rasterizing Text tutorial
Altering Text tutorial
Example This is how the "cookie" example was done. It doesn't mean that you should copy the cookie example. It's simply a demonstration which shows the concept combining filters and techniques.
Printing You know how to do this by now. Open the illustrator file, File>Place the flattened tiffs, save and print in color.