Graphic Design 2B

Adjustment Layers

Non Destructive!

The name of the game from here on out is "non-destructive." Whenenver possible, we don't want to damage the original image. Why destroy it when you don't have to?



Adjustment Layers activity 1 - Quick activity where you will explore layer styles. Show me your layers panel to get a stamp for credit.
tutorial | download files

Adjustment Layers activity 2 - Trimester 2 2018

Imma gonna let you experiment with this concept for this term because the idea just hit me the other day.

The idea is to take a pop culture piece (album cover, movie poster, package design, etc.) and use adjustment layers to create 4 different versions. Don't alter the design or layout. Just use adjustment layers. First you'll need to essentially "separate" the artwork into natural parts. Layer masks y'all!

I'd like to see you demonstrate these things:

• masking (irregular and/or painted depending on the situation)
• a variety of different adjustments (threshold, color balance, etc.)
• effective use of clipping masks!
• duplicating masks (for efficiency)
• playing with layer opacity or blending modes

Gradient Map - I never really understood what these did, but after stumbling on this video I think that they're really cool. These may just be my new favorite (subtle) toning technique. Think about giving it a try.

I'm also going to let you figure out how you want to present these. I'd like you to print them, but the format is up to you. Remember that neat and clean presentation matters.

Download the Beatles low-res sample file to check out how the layers work. Click on the icons below to see larger images.