Graphic Design 2B

Course description

This trimester elective course will emphasize graphic design principles, techniques and software. Successful completion of Graphic Design I and consent of the instructor are prerequisites for the course. Students will predominantly use Photoshop CC but Illustrator will be used as well.

College Now - This course is articulated with MU212 Digital Imaging (4 units) at Lane Community College.

Take a gander at the Graphic Design Academy pathway chart.


First half - 6 weeks

Signed Syllabus

turn in

USB drive

Show for credit

Monkey Business

Monkey Business instructions

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up instructions

Basic Techniques

Basic Techniques instructions

4+4+4 Masking Exercises

4+4+4 Masking instructions

Brush Dynamics

This one is under development. But, for now, here's a link to a couple very short activities relating to brushes.

Adjustment Layers Adjustment Layers instructions

Masking - Evil Twins

Evil Twins instruction page

Masking - Terminator

Terminator instruction page

Layer Styles Layer Styles instruction page

Filters - Experiment

This is an experiment folks. Your task is to spend 1.5 class periods experimenting with the filters menu. There are in excess of 150 filters to play with. Then, use .5 class periods to do something creative with filters. The subject matter is completely up to you. Your task is to creatively use filters. Come up with something interesting that will help you use filters in a creative manner. This means going beyond simply applying a filter to a photo and calling it a day. Laser cats are always fun!

Show Mr. Eagen what you did and explain how you used filters creatively. You will be graded purely on participation. This is a college level put your phone away and dive into Photoshop with intent. I think that you'll stumble upon several "Wow!" situations.

Text & Filters

Text & Filters instruction page

Cereal Box

Theme Activity - instructions

Cereal Box

Description Paragraph - instructions


Second half - 6 weeks

Cereal Box

Logo Design - instructions

Cereal Box

Front of Box - instructions

Cereal Box

Back of Box / Activity - instructions

Cereal Box

Side Panels - instructions

Cereal Box

Top & Bottom Panels- instructions

Cereal Box

Files - instructions

Cereal Box

Box Construction - instructions

Cereal Box

Final Exam - Presentation


Last Day - survey

  Link to class survey


Old Assignments - I'm hanging on to these just in case I need them.


Non-Representational instruction page

Text Effects

Complete 2 of the following text tutorials:

Here are some files that you may need.

Actions (extra credit)

Actions - Watch this video. Then watch this video.

Set actions for button mode (cool). Then, do some intergoogle searching for free actions that you can download. Load 'em, use 'em, love 'em, show 'em to me.

You can also load some actions that come with Photoshop (Actions panel>load actions>applications>Adobe Photoshop CS5>presets>actions) and explore them.

Q: "Mr. Eagen, how much is this worth?"
A: Wrong mindset young jedi apprentice. The correct question is "Master Eagen, can I spend every waking hour exploring the boundless awesomeness of actions because I wish to use my Jedi skills for the good of humanity?"

Brushes (extra credit)

Brushes - See Mr. Eagen