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Staff Bios

Amy Adams-Schauer
Amy Adams-Schauer is a counselor here at Churchill.  She grew up in the bustling city of Birmingham, Michigan.  From the beginning she was an adventurer, going off to college at Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois, then to University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  Amy's bachelor's degree is in elementary education and her master's is in counseling.  She loves to golf, swim and hike.  A high point (literally) was her 100-mile trek around Mt. Rainier.  (30,000 ft. elevation!) Last summer she helped build stoves in Guatemala and she hopes to make this an annual commitment.  Amy has three grown daughters, but now her husky named Tika keeps her and her husband company when they aren't off globe trekking.

Jennifer Bender-Willis
Jennifer Bender-Willis is a science teacher here at Churchill.  She teaches Biology, AP Biology, and IB Biology. Not long ago, on a farm, a short distance away, Ms. Bender-Willis grew up: in Springfield and Creswell.  She received her bachelor's degree in fisheries and wildlife management at Oregon State, then she also got her master's in science and mathematics.  For fun she enjoys camping, farming, beading and reading fantasy novels.  We almost lost her to an accident on a coastal cliff where her leg was broken, but she survived to continue giving science notes to the youth.  Her two kids (5 & 8) enjoy their many pets:  a cat, 2 dogs, 42 fish, a gecko, and a rather vast menagerie of other barnyard friends.  Ask her about her specimens collection.

Chris Blackburn
Chris Blackburn is a math teacher here at Churchill.  He teaches Calculus, Precalculus and Contemporary Math, and he also teaches at Lane Community College.  Mr. Blackburn is known for his football announcing at Lancer games and for wearing shorts every day, all year long.  He grew up far, far away in Meriden, Connecticut and went off to Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass, then transferred to U of Florida – Gainesville. His bachelor's is in math & music, and his master's is in education.  Sports and his kids are big with Mr. Blackburn: he golfs, follows college football and enjoys snorkeling with Maddie (15) Jack (12), and Ben (8).  Someday he hopes to travel Europe.  Ask him about his Red Sox.

Erin Crews
Erin Crews is a science teacher here at Churchill.  She teaches Biology, Marine Biology, and AVID.  When Ms. Crews was eighteen, she left her home in Rock Springs, Wyoming, hearing the call, 'Go west young woman." So she landed at Oregon State University where she got her bachelor's degree in biology and minored in women's studies.  Ms. Crews loves to camp and go coastal, but she really loves poking dead things with a stick.  Someday she hopes to tour Scotland with her husband.  She has two daughters (11 & 12) and has adopted the neighborhood squirrels and birds as her pets. Oh, and she also took classes at U of O, just sayin'.

Morgan Christensen
Morgan Christensen is an assistant principal here at Churchill High School.  Mr. C. went to college at University of Wisconsin – Stout, then migrated from there to University of Oregon where he became a permanent duck.  Mr. C. studied art, English and PE and later got his Masters of Education – Administration.  Education is truly his passion and someday he hopes to get his PHD.  For fun he enjoys traveling, especially by bike, and he is famous for his delicious smoothies.  A great accomplishment for Mr. C. was biking the Dolomites, a mountain range in Northern Italy with an elevation of 10,000 feet!  Ask him about his 'lumpy-grumpy' dog, Jazz and his cat, Henry Moore who is named after a famous sculptor.

Kelly Dahlgren
Kelly Dahlgren is a health teacher here at Churchill.  She teaches Human Sexuality, Medical Terminology, and the other Health Services Academy classes for future medical students. She grew up far, far away in the distant town of Dufur, Oregon.  (near the Dalles) She studied health and got her master's in education at Oregon State University.  An accomplished athlete and coach, Mrs. Dahlgren played semi-pro basketball in Australia. She also took her volleyball team to state in 1983. (Crow Cougars!) She has two grown sons and two Jack Russell terriers, Ozzie and Jessie. Although she took some classes at U of O, no duck feathers stuck on this true orange Beaver fan!

Doug Doerfort
Doug Doerfort is a music teacher here at Churchill.  He teaches Symphonic Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band and Guitar.  He grew up far away in Aztec, New Mexico.  Off to college he went to the University of N. Colorado and then later to University of New Mexico.  His bachelor's degree is in music and his master's is in conducting. Mr. Doerfort enjoys fishing, camping and playing his trumpet in a jazz band.  A high point was when he took 100 band and choir students on a European music tour for two weeks.  He and his wife, and two cats (Lola and Etta) are expecting a new family member soon this summer. Congrats Doerfort Family!

Leah Dunbar
Leah Dunbar is a language arts teacher here at Churchill. She teaches Courageous Conversations, Global Literature and American Lit.  She is a little bit mid-western, from Ft. Wayne Indiana and the rest west:  from sunny L.A. Leah completed her education at DePauw University (BA, English), University of Essex (MA Literature) and Pacific University (MAT Education). She enjoys running, dancing and reading when she's not snowboarding.  She hopes to complete three half marathons this year:  (13.1 miles x 3 = 39.3 miles!) Her son (Jameson, 7) and daughter (Solstice, 15) share their pad with chihuahuas (Peanut & Lando Mandela).  Ask her about her identical twin, Rena Joy who teaches at Spencer Butte Middle School.

Lance Eagen
Lance Eagen has taught graphic design and visual art at Churchill since 1996. He gew up in Southern California as a surfing, skateboarding, and skimboarding little grommet. He got involved with gymnastics in high school and took it to college where he competed for Cal Poly State University. Lance loves to travel, read spy thrillers, listen to obscure Scottish rock bands, and play volleyball. He married his smoking' hot wife (his description) in 1994 and they adopted their two daughter who are now teenagers. Lance's family enjoys spending time with their two adorable little dogs. Stop by room C9 sometime and talk rock 'n roll with Mr. Eagen and he'll probably find a way to give you extra credit.

Steve Grossberg
Steve Grossberg is a math teacher here at Churchill.  He teaches Algebra 1 and Geometry.  He grew up in Los Altos, California's Silicon Valley.  Off to San Diego State he went (and Sonoma State too) where he received his bachelor's degree in physics.  Mr. Grossberg loves traveling and learning about cultures, and a high point for him was when he took his family to live in Costa Rica for two years.  He enjoys soccer and helps run a soccer academy for kids.  Mr. G. has 2 kids, 2 cats and numerous video games.  Ask him about his feats in "Plants & Zombies" and "Balloons."

Lisa Iacovetta
Lisa Iacovetta is a social studies teacher here at Churchill.  She teaches 9/10 Global Studies, 11/12 Modern World Issues, Peace Out, and AVID.  Long, long ago, Lisa grew up in the faraway lands of Bend, Oregon and Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  She went off to college to University of Arizona, but soon headed north again to attend Southern Oregon, then later U of O,  and Pacific University.  Being the only girl with four older brothers, she developed epic arguing skills which she applied to the U of O Debate Team. Her two bachelor's are in rhetoric/communications, and sociology, and her master's is in education.  Lisa enjoys a wide range of fun activities from chess to surfing the Oregon Coast.  Ms. Yawk has lived in Japan, Germany and France and hopes to travel the world again and visit all the South American countries, and all the major east coast urban centers. Her 15 neices and nephews call her Auntie ZiZi.

Todd Kaanapu
Todd Kaanapu is a special education teacher and football coach here at Churchill.  He teaches Transition 11/12, Geography and Social Studies.  Long, long ago our beloved Offensive Coordinator, AKA Coach K grew up in the sunny burb of Campbell, California.  He recieved his bachelor's in American Studies at University of Oregon, and his master's in education at Pacific University.  Coach K enjoys weighlifting, music, tatoos and Hawaiian culture.  Earning his high school diploma, his BA and MA degrees, and a college football scholarship took a lot of perseverence.  Someday he hopes to bring home the state football championship to CHS!  His two kids (boy & girl) just got a new puppy they named Rock.  Look for Coach K's football commentaries on YouTube.

Rosalba Montes
Rosalba Montes is a Spanish teacher here at Churchill.  She grew up in the small town of El Salvador, Mexico, somewhere between Guadalajara and Mexico City.  She studied Spanish and education at Lane Community College and University of Oregon. After teaching at Churchill for a few years, she went back to school at U of O and received her 2nd masters in Spanish while pregnant, which was no easy feat. She enjoys walking, soap operas and traditional Mexican dancing.  Ms. Montes has a daughter named Fernanda and a dog named Jackson.  Someday she hopes to travel the world. Lucky for us, she got to come back to Churchill. Por suerte para nosotros, ella tiene que venir de nuevo a Churchill!