Graphic Design 2A

Poster Design Research

General Info

Search the interwebs for posters that clearly demonstrate the concepts listed below. Look for poster designs that appeal to you. Look for posters that are within our ability to recreate if we had to with the skills we've learned.

Download high resolution images only (larger than 1000px). JPEG files are best. Remember to keep the .jpeg file in the same folder as the Illustrator file that you're going to use it with.

Cite every image that you use! Here's how.

Clearly label the specific concepts. Here's what I mean.

How to add arrowheads.

How to create dashed lines.

1. Symmetry

Present examples of posters which demonstrate symmetrical and asymmetrical layout.


2. Contrast

Contrast is the difference between light and dark. Text and imagery are easily readable due to their contrast.


3. Alignment

Find an example where the underlying grid is clearly evident even though it isn't visible or printed.


4. Breathing Room

Show where elements (text and/or images) are separated by breathing room. Show where there is breathing room near edges. The idea is to make it easy for the eyes to find the info on the poster.


5. Negative Space

Similar to breathing room...but it takes it to a new level. Find an example where there is an emphasis on empty space (negative space). The example should draw the eye to the text/images due to the use of negative space.


6. Hierarchy

Show 3 clear and distinct levels of informational (text) hierarchy.
Level 1 - Most important - grabs attention
Level 2 - Important Information
Level 3 - Necessary Information - the details

There should only be one level 1 but there may be multiple instances level 2 or level 3.


7. Limited Color

Present examples of one color and two color posters. Remember, that white DOES'T count as a color, but black does. Tints are simply lighter versions of a color (ink) and therefor are ways to "get more bang for the buck" while still limiting the number of colors (inks) that are used.


Turning In

How to combine all files into a single PDF.

How to rearrange pages and compress file. Order pages as listed above.

Name your file in this exact format: lastname_posters.pdf

Copy your PDF file onto Mr. Eagen's USB drive.