Graphic Design 2A

Bad Design Challenge

Bad Logo

Let's face it. There are some horrendous logos out there. For a bit of fun, we will intentionally set our sights way below mediocrity. Your challenge is to design a terrible logo without making it look too bad. The trick is that it should still look like someone (with no design training) really tried to make it look good. What would it look like if the client used someone who said "Hey, I've got a computer...I can design a logo for you."

Take what you've learned throughout the term and intentionally avoid most of it!

  • The client: Integrity Consulting
  • The client's brief: Integrity is a regional leader in consulting services. Established in 2003, Integrity's mission is client focused and results driven. Integrity's seasoned professionals work tirelessly to custom tailor their workflow solutions to the client's needs. In our rapidly changing global business environment, Integrity is multi-layered company who is committed to progress, diversity, eco-friendly trade, and practical solutions.
  • The client's design needs: Our logo needs to be simple and yet detailed, complex yet sparse. We prefer that the logo convey the forward-thinking nature of our company without looking too futuristic or flashy but we also don't want anything too conservative or neutral. The logo must "pop" without drawing attention away from our company objectives. You'll find a picture of an onion. We don't want an onion incorporated into the logo but we do want you to capture the multi-layerd spirit and attitude of the onion analogy and expect that to be conveyed (either literally or symbolically) in the logo design.

You can approach this however you'd like, but you'll need to be able to present to the class your thought process and reasoning.

*This overall idea and some of the wording was borrowed from a great site called howlowcanyourlogo.