Graphic Design 1 projects

Logo Design Process

You will design an effective logo for a fictitious band or restaurant. The process of logo design will be emphasized as much as the end result.

You will be working on this project for about 7 class periods and it is the culminating mid-term project.


Step 1
in class / homework

Target Market - sample - band | sample - restaurant

During class we will study what a target market is. You will be designing a logo which appeals to a specific demographic (or target market).


Step 2
in class / homework

Defining The Client - sample - band | sample - restaurant

1. Create a name for the band or restaurant.

2. Describe the band or restaurant. Who are they? What's their genre? Be clear because nobody has ever heard of them before.

3. Clearly describe their target market. Include information on their gender, age, and annual income. Describe their lifestyle characteristics.


Step 3
in class / homework

Brainstorm - sample - band | sample - restaurant

List as many things that relate to the band/restaurant as possible. There are no wrong answers at this point. Brainstorm! Use the internet. Ask friends. Ask your parents. The more you come up with, the easier the next step will be!


Step 4
in class

Competitor Research - sample - band | sample - restaurant

What do the competitors' logos look like? What styles, fonts, imagery, and colors are they using? Use Google's image search to download images and neatly arrange them on the page.

Question: How many?
Answer: How many will it take for you to feel confident that you have a grasp on what appeals to the demographic? Don't you hate when teachers answer questions with other questions?

There is no "minimum" number of examples because we are Churchill and we don't strive for minimum effort. We strive for excellence.

DUDE!: Be sure to store your downloaded jpeg files in the same folder that the Illustrator file lives in. Otherwise, your images may be lost and they won't print. If you simply keep ALL of your files inside the "Logo Design" folder then birds will chirp, flowers will grow, unicorns will prance, and you'll be in your happy place.

Print to the "CHS C9 Color" printer.

Download the competitor research Illustrator template.


Step 5
in class

Demographic Research - sample - band | sample - restaurant

What does the target market/demographic look like? Who are you trying to attract? What gives a clear visual snapshot of the demographic?

Same specs as the previous step...Read, Do, Excel!

Print to the "CHS C9 Color" printer.

Download the demographic research Illustrator template.


Step 6
in class

Digital Rough Drafts - sample - band | sample - restaurant

So far you have studied:
– logo design "rules"
– what makes a logo effective and ineffective
– common design techniques
– basic typography
– logo case studies with some cool tidbits
– how to use Illustrator to create general shapes
– how to use Illustrator to create and modify type

Now, use your knowledge and skills to create 2 different digital rough draft concepts. Design for the target market! Explore fonts. Design for the target market! Carefully consider text size and placement. Design for the target market! These aren't supposed to be perfect...they are rough concepts. Design for the target market!

Design in black, white, and grey for now.

Extra credit is available for a 3rd concept. sample - band | sample - restaurant

Print to the "CHS C9 Black & White" printer.

Download the Digital Roughs Illustrator template.


Step 7
in class

Final Logo Design Checklist - sample - band | sample - restaurant

It's the "final rose" ceremony at this point. Dress up nice and propose to the best rough draft. You'll break the hearts of the other concepts. Send the dirtbags packing!

Finalize the logo. This is the place to fine tune it. Attention to detail is key. Nail down exact colors. The final logo is a 2 or 3 color design...not 1 color, not 4 colors.

Layout and placement are very important because this is the logo that will be locked down for all future uses.

Present the final logo design neatly. Allow for breathing room within the space.

Print to the "CHS C9 Color" printer.

Print the page, and THEN use a pen to complete the checklist.

Download the Final Logo Checklist Illustrator template.


Step 8
in class

Final Logo Design Presentation - sample - band | sample - restaurant

Neatly present your logo in large and small formats. This page will be displayed in the art gallery for the school to enjoy.

Don't forget to enter your name in the top right section.

Background Information: Briefly explain who the band/restaurant is. Who is their target market? You have pretty much ALREADY DONE THIS! Refer back to day 1.

Print to the "CHS C9 Color" printer.

Download the Final Logo Presentation Illustrator template.


Step 9 - optional
in class

Extra Credit

To be determined


Step 9
in class

Compile - sample - band | sample - restaurant

Handwrite your name on the cover page. Staple pages 1-7 in order. Paperclip page 8.

Smile! Eat chocolate! Boo-yah!