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Assignments and Homework Policy

Students will work on a variety of tasks that range from discussion and reading assignments to hands-on activities,laboratory investigations, and State Science Work Samples. For some students the work will be completed in class, others will find that they need to finish the assignment at home. Students also have the option of revising and editing some assignments that are already graded (lab reports, for example).



Student Folders are graded every two or three weeks. Reading assignments, vocabulary, and other worksheets are worth 5 points Lab reports are worth 10 points and projects and work samples are worth 20 points. Students are asked think of their folders as "portfolios" of their best work.



Other Course Titles

Micro Life

Forest and Stream Ecology

Earth, Moon and Stars

LEAP 6th Grade Science




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World of Plants

Course Description
Welcome to the incredible World Of Plants! A place where the light of the sun starts each day in a blaze of energy. A place where a rainbow of colors dance in leaves and flowers and capture and hold our eye. And a place where seeds drift and travel on the wind seeking fertile ground to start life anew.
In the World of Plants we will begin with the microscope, observing algae, molds, yeasts, and plant cell types. Students will then study leaves, photosynthesis, and plant growth. An exciting part of this class is growing your own flowers and vegetables, germinating seeds and growing them to planting size in cold frames. We will also take walks around the neighborhood, learning to identify many kinds of trees and flowers, studying both native and invasive species. Most days involve some kind of lab or hands-on activity, which makes for an engaging experience. Lab explorations are guided by the Elements of Inquiry: learning how to form scientific questions, design investigations, collect and present data, and finally to critically analyze their data and draw reasonable conclusions.
This course is designed for students to meet or exceed Oregon State Standards in Life Science, while also addressing their needs to successfully submit Work Samples in the Elements of Inquiry.