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Assignments and Homework Policy

Students will work on a variety of tasks that range from discussion and reading assignments to hands-on activities,laboratory investigations, and State Science Work Samples. For some students the work will be completed in class, others will find that they need to finish the assignment at home. Students also have the option of revising and editing some assignments that are already graded (lab reports, for example).



Student Folders are graded every two or three weeks. Reading assignments, vocabulary, and other worksheets are worth 5 points Lab reports are worth 10 points and projects and work samples are worth 20 points. Students are asked think of their folders as "portfolios" of their best work.



Other Course Titles

Micro Life

Forest and Stream Ecology

World of Plants

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Earth, Moon and Stars

Course Description
This course is an introduction to the central concepts of Earth Science. Content follows a predictable path starting here at home, the earth, and progressing to the farthest reaches of the universe. Students study forces that have shaped and changed the face of the earth for ages, either catastrophically through events like earthquakes and volcanoes, or slowly and methodically through weathering and erosion. After leaving the earth, we look to the moon and and study it’s influence on seasons and tides, learn about our solar system's origins from it's moonscape, and how the moon has becomeour stepping stone into space... The final frontier of our study takes us to other solar systems, other galaxies, nebulae, and stars. We will discuss topics like dark matter, supernovas, and black holes.
This course is designed for students to meet or exceed Oregon State Standards in Earth Science, while also addressing their needs to successfully submit Work Samples in the Elements of Inquiry.
To earn a C2 or better a student must keep an organized folder of their completed work and participate positively in classroom activities.