Leah Roderick


I’ve been a teacher in 4J for nearly 14 years. I taught for 12 years at River Road El Camino del Rio. I also got the chance to teach at Corridor and McCornack Elementary schools. I have taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. I am excited about the rich curriculum at the 4th grade level.

Other related experience and training: I worked for CASA of Lane County, Looking Glass Counseling and Oregon Social Learning Center.

I bring to the classroom a lot of experience, enthusiasm, and expertise in teaching.

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Reading: Mysteries, thrillers and dystopian literature. Most current favorite - The Hunger Games series.

Skiing, biking, kayaking, running: I love being outside any time of year.

Traveling: I’ve been to Mexico, Hawaii, Honduras, Costa Rice, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, Venezuela, France, Spain Germany, Italy, etc. Next trip - Thailand!


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