Lemay’s  homepage

    Hello, this Webpage is for the use of students and/or parents enrolled in my science classes at Churchill High School. 

    Here you will be able to check grades, find assignments, get class notes, navigate to helpful links, and stay updated on what is going on in the class.


Using this page


Basmati coming soon.... waiting till all students change their schedule.


To check your assignments, please click on the class that you are enrolled in.  The classes are in the top navigation bar.  Each days activities are listed by 4:00 and you can download a pdf version of what we did in class.  The presentations are not complete and attendance is very important.  You can get missing warm ups and notes in the lectures, which will be helpful.  Also, the assignments are hyperlinks and it is the students responsibility to print these off when they return to school.

I am always happy to answer any questions about the lesson or homework at the lunch hour.  I invite students to get their lunch and come in and get any questions they may have answered.  Also, I will be having IA right after school, so come see me.


Keep out
Hello, welcome to General Science with LeMay at Churchill HS.