“There is iron in your words...No signed paper can hold the iron.” ~Ten Bears
1) Respect and Responsibility.                          
2) Take science home and make it your own!!!

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Welcome to Mr. Leighter’s Science Class!

Week of : 6/ 3 - 7 /2013

SBMS Takes 1st in Speed, 2nd in Torque, 3rd in Design and 3rd in Concept at the EWEB Solar Challenge out of all the participating MS in Lane County!!!

Speed, Velocity, Acceleration and Momentum lessons and calculations for Solar Car project this week.

Final grades on Solar Cars 6/5.

Final Semester II grades online by 6/7.

    *Study Hall every Tuesday and Thursday, Room 4 on a drop in basis. Start time at 8:00 am. Shanna will have a Wed. after school science study hall as well!*
    You can access your grades by clicking on the “Classified” icon on the left-hand menu bar. 
    You will then need to input your last name and a password which is the first two letters of your last name and the last 4 numbers of your student ID #, Eg. Josie Wales 123456 has the password  wa3456.