Camp Westwind 2018

                   Camp Westwind, Here we come!!!

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When: October 30th-November 2nd

Where: Just north of lincoln city on the coast.

Costs are now covered by the Outdoor school for all state legislation!

Units of Study


                          OLd Growth Forest




The Northwest regional outdoor science program is the elite program in oregon. each site has a full time nurse, program director, field study leaders and kitchen staff. the program leaders train a large group of high school volunteers that are responsible for staying in the cabins and helping your children in a variety of learning opportunities.  it is the quintessential camp experience. please let us know if you have any questions.

More details:

Food: students have done nothing but rave about the food from past camps.  they meet all student’s needs be it allergies or vegetarian or vegan choices. there are always many options to choose from that are served family style in the large dining hall and the motto is, “take what you want, but eat what you take.”

The dining hall is not only a filling up station, it is a learning station. students are given a card that tells them which table to sit at to randomly distribute them at each meal. the adults at the table make sure they not only get all the food they need, but lead table discussions about a different creature, the niche they live in and the adaptations they need to survive. Dr. science also pays a visit at least once a day in the meal hall to discuss sustainability and the student’s role in it.  

cabins: each student will pack a very large bag with their soft suitcase, a pillow and a sleeping bag. this labeled bag will then be carried to the coolest cabins imaginable. however, with the amazing view comes the task of getting these bags up the steep paths. this takes team work. each cabin sleeps 6 to 12 children and adults. we will do our best to make the best groupings possible. please consider marking all your student’s belongings with their name before we go. these dwellings get awfully messy!

                                                        I took this photo form one

                                                                                                                of the     

                                                                                                        cabins. what a view!

Daily schedule:

6:45      RISE AND SHINE!

  7:10      DUTIES REPORT

  7:30      FLAG CEREMONY

  7:45      BREAKFAST



  2:00      CABIN TIME (FOB) - fob means “flat on bunk”



  4:30      RECREATION

  5:30      CABIN TIME

  5:35      DUTIES REPORT

  5:50      FLAG CEREMONY

  6:00      DINNER

  7:15      KP/CABIN TIME


  9:15      GET READY FOR BED



As you can see, your student’s day is full! they are exhausted and happy when it’s time for bed.

Recreation: EAch day, the kids will have their choice of about ten options for recreation. They get to choose from things like a beach combers walk, making sand castles, digging to china, bug collecting, board games, drum making, beading, mountain hiking, etc. this is not to be confused with interest groups. Interest groups are where there may be about 4 to 5 options that are more curriculum based.

Special needs:  we do our best to share information about our student’s needs before we arrive.  However, as soon as we get to camp, our teachers meet with program staff to make sure we have all the various special needs covered. one of the most important being medications. i have truly been amazed at how their medical staff handles all of our needs. they have quite a method for making sure all students receive the level of care they need plus some. I have never had a student not get their dose of medications on time. if you are needing to send items with us, please watch for labeling directions yet to come.

Behavior policy: The camp runs a “Three strike” policy.

  1. *Strike one - a meeting with an adult staff where the student and staff member writes up the information about the offense and the student signs it.

  2. *strike two - a behavior contract is developed by the student and staff member and parents are called and informed.

  3. *strike three - parents are called to come and pick up their student.

Violence of any type is not tolerated and will be and automatic strike three.

upcoming details given out at the parent meeting:

  1. packet of paperwork

  2. packing instructions

  3. special secret parent task!!!

  4. medication details - (all meds in original containers, in a labeled bag, given to homeroom teachers)

Again, please let us know if you have further questions.