The first day of cupstacking is a DVD introduction.The DVD and other Sportstacking items are available at the Speedstacks website.
  Teach Stacking in order of difficulty:
  • 3-3 Stack
  • 3-3-3 Stack
  • Beginner - 10 seconds
  • Fast 8 seconds
  • Super Fast 4 seconds
  6 Stack -up stack
  • Start with 6 cups in front of you
  • Take 3 cups with your right and 2 cups with your left
  • Leave one cup down
  • Spread the cups apart with your fingers
  • Release the bottom cup of your right hand to the right of the center cup so you now have 2 cups left in that hand
  • Release the bottom cup with your left hand to the left of the center cup
  • Release the next cup from your right hand on top of the center
  • Set the cup on in the left hand next to it
  • Put the final cup on on top with right hand
  6 Stack -Down stack
  • Place right hand on top cup and your left hand on the second cup on the left
  • Slide to the right with your right hand, at the same time slide left with your left hand
  • Take the 3 cups in your left hand and the 2 cups in your right hand and put them in one stack of 6 cups
  3-6-3 Competition Stack