• Butterfly Drill: Hold ball between legs - do scissors - ball stays between legs
  • Hold ball in back with both hands and throw in front to catch
  • Throw ball up and catch it behind your back
  • Throw ball up and make a complete turn and catch
  • Roller ball: Down your back
  • Floor slap: Throw ball on the floor - slap both hands on floor - then catch
  • Stand to Lying Down Dribble:
  • Homer Simpson: Run in a circle while dribbling your ball in the same place.
  • Bounce ball and catch as close to the floor as possible
  • Monkey Walk: Walk while moving the ball between your legs
  • Dribble right hand -left-crossover
  • Heads Up Dribble: Watch the teacher move a ball side-to-side and move accordingly
  Passing Rotation (CD 40 Second Rotation)
  • Line up the class so that there are two lines facing each other about ten feet apart
  • Yellow and Blue Teams face each other, Red and Green Teams fill in at each end
  • One line is the Stationary line - each person in that line gets a ball
  • The other line is the rotating line - they will rotate down to the next person in line during the music interlude
  • Start music CD and students bounce pass back and forth
  • After the music ends there is a ten second interlude for the person at the end of the rotating line to run up and take their place at the beginning of the line