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     This year we will look at the Kalapuya Native Americans who lived in this area before Europeans set foot here, then we’ll follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark as they mapped the Northwest Territory.  Next, we’ll relive the journey of the Oregon Trail through the eyes of the brave pioneers and see their struggles and accomplishments.  Then, we head to the Oregon State Capitol in Salem to hear about how our government works and see the “Gold Man”.

Lewis and Clark traveling the Bitterroot Range.

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Our Projects:

We began the year with our study of children from around the world. Then, we study the Kalapuya Native Americans and make clay pinch pots,  We follow with the study of our state and make salt and flour maps of Oregon.  We finish with the study of The Oregon Trail and build our own Prairie Schooner.  We fill it with many of the supplies that pioneers would need to survive the long journey.