Rachel Carson

Environmental Science Academy

Churchill High School

1850 Bailey Hill Rd.

Eugene, OR 97405



The Rachel Carson Environmental Science Academy is a school within a school located at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon. The Rachel Carson Academy offers an alternative to the traditional high school curriculum.  The RC Academy provides students with experience, knowledge, and skills that relate to the natural environment. The curriculum integrates science, social studies, and language arts using watersheds as the central theme. The program is open to juniors and seniors who wish to engage in a course of study that offers small group seminars, extensive field studies, access to current technology, and experience in a state of the art greenhouse.


The Rachel Carson Environmental Science Academy is comprised of a community of learners working together to gain a balanced, in-depth understanding of the natural environment. Students learn experientially by applying knowledge and skills to real world situations. Students are provided with the opportunity and the necessary tools to create positive change within the school and nearby environments. This program is dedicated to promoting partnerships with the community that result in a shared commitment to stewardship and a sense of responsibility to the world around us.

The Rachel Carson Environmental Science Academy is developed around the following core beliefs:

  1. BulletThe key to generating attitudes of civic responsibility, collaboration, and discovery lies in taking students into the world.

  2. BulletThe value, depth, and retention of learning increases when it is applied to real world situations that matter.

  3. BulletExperience based learning provides for the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for successful and active participation as a world citizen.

  4. BulletNon-traditional learning, whereby subject areas are integrated and arbitrary class times eliminated, facilitates active engagement for the students.