Graphic Design 2B

Layer Styles


Templates - Download files



Layer Styles activity 1 - Quick activity where you will explore layer styles

Layer Styles activity 2 - Layer styles and text

Row 1 - Explore layer styles on your own. Each letter uses a totally different combination of effects.

Row 2 - There are many web sites that offer pre-made layer style files to download for free. Many want to sell them to you. Either way, you want to download an .asl file. Then, you can load it into your styles palette. Pay attention to the in-class demonstration about how to load and use .asl files.

Here are several sites that offer free .asl files:

Use a different layer style for each letter.

Row 3 - Copy the layer styles from Row 2 and then edit the layer styles to your liking. Pay atention to the demonstration about how to copy/paste styles.

Row 4 - Now that you know how to copy/paste layer styles, you will steal "borrow" some layer styles from .psd files. This is simply another way to use layer styles.

Use the links above or search for your own .psd files. Pay attention to the demonstration.