Graphic Design 2A

Personal Logo

Personal Logo

Create a series of 3 personal logos. Each logo will be presented in both black & white and CMYK color (2 or 3 colors).

Design logos for these 3 descriptors:

  • simple (simple Illustrator skill but not a boring design)
  • complex (but NOT BUSY - emphisize complex Illustrator skill)
  • a personal characteristic that others would identify with you (ex: outgoing, musical, athletic, confident, shy, religious, helpful, etc.) Try out 2 separate colors schemes with this one.

Emphasize skills and techniques that we've studied and practiced so far.

Use your template. Present neatly. Indicate CMYK color recipes. Indicate the 3 descriptors listed above.

Assignment example (3 page PDF)

CMYK colors - tutorial - refer to (and rely on) our color recipe books
grouping colors togther - tutorial
how to mix a color recipe - tutorial
rich black - tutorial

Turning In

Print on the color printer.

Print cover grade slip.

Insert into your presentation folder.